Our Introductions

Meet Andy, Alex, and Sophie!

Hello! Welcome to the very first Alex And Andy blog post. Let’s start with introductions shall we. We’re Alex And Andy – a small business with a BIG mission.
Andy – now known as Uncle Andy by thousands of people across the world thanks to TikTok. Andy suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in June of 2020 that instantly changed his life forever. Alex And Andy originally started as a fundraiser selling pet bandanas for Uncle Andy’s medical care and therapy after his stroke. After going viral, Andy and Sophie decided to turn the fundraising idea into a business that could give Uncle Andy a purpose again after the stroke! He was a very routine guy prior to the stroke and was one that loved to stay busy. Andy suffered right side paralysis due to his stroke, along with losing most form of speech which is caused apraxia and aphasia. Andy is working hard to regain back as many motor skills as possible and loves to keep busy with Alex And Andy. He is learning how to write left handed after the stroke and enjoys writing every customer a thank you card. Andy also draws and designs all of the shirts on the website left handed and loves to be creative. He enjoys making TikToks, attending vendor events for the business, and packaging the business orders. He is pretty amazing!
Alex – Alex was Andy’s beloved dog, who Sophie and her fiancé Blake fostered after Andy’s stroke. Alex unfortunately passed away on April 15, 2022 and crossed the rainbow bridge due to undetected gallbladder cancer. Alex was the sweetest, funniest, and most outgoing dog who loved all of the attention! Sophie often called him the “International Puppy Dog” as he is now known across the world. Alex was their greatest companion and business partner who loved everything about this business. He is missed dearly every day.  
Sophie – Andy’s niece and Alex’s foster mom.  Sophie started Alex And Andy as a last ditch effort to help pay for Andy’s medical care and therapy after his stroke. She posted a TikTok video on December 6, 2020 selling pet bandanas to raise money for Andy’s care. Her idea quickly went viral and within two days received hundreds of orders supporting her cause. After selling enough products to raise over $11,515 for Andy’s care, she surprised him with the funds and decided to turn her idea into a business to give Andy hope again. Together, they work hard on their business to give Andy and other stroke survivors hope again!
If you’ve made it until the end – thank you! After this quick introduction, we hope you’ll decide to check out more of the website or even share the Alex And Andy story on your social media! We hope to see you soon, friend!
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